People come to counselling for many differing reasons. You may have recently experienced a crisis in your life, such as bereavement, loss of a relationship, trauma or illness. Or perhaps you are less clear about why you are finding it hard to cope, you might be feeling anxious, stressed or experiencing unpredictable emotional swings but not be sure about why this is happening.

Talking to someone outside of your family and friends, in confidence and without judgement, can help to bring clarity and awareness and begin to assist you in identifying how your beliefs, thinking patterns and behaviour may be contributing to your state of mind. Counselling can also help you to reflect on how your previous experiences may be informing your current situation. Through counselling, you may gain a new perspective on how you are living your life and with this awareness develop confidence to move forward with greater positivity and confidence.

I believe that we all have the capability within us to change direction and to overcome problems but sometimes we need support and a helping hand to enable us to recognise our potential and to find new ways of being.

I am an experienced psychotherapist who offers a warm, confidential and safe environment for you to explore what is troubling you. Although counselling is not about curing or fixing a person, it is a space that you can talk, be heard and equip yourself to move towards a more fulfilling life.

I am currently offering all counselling sessions online due to COVID restrictions, which means we can work together regardless of where you live.

Some of the issues that counselling can help with:

• Depression
• Grief and bereavement
• Anxiety
• Addiction
• Stress